June 12, 2016

Lake Powell, Utah PHOTO BY: Laura Sangaila
We made it to the harbor and ended up being an hour early due to the shift in time in Arizona which was actually quite weird as we went a bit south east yet the time changed over to Pacific time.  Once we all rounded up, Daniel went to rsvp the boat so we could make it out
Lower Antelope canyon lake powell, Utah PHOTO BY: Laura Sangaila
to rainbow arch but the boats were all sold out. We ended up renting Jet Skis which was a bit expensive but it was a lot fun!!!
Kevin and Adam parking the jet skis in antelope canyon lake powell, Utah PHOTO BY: Laura Sangaila
We got a total of three Jet Skis and after having to watch a safety video and gear up for the 105 degree day, we headed out of the break wall and onto Lake Powell. 
Lower antelope canyon lake powell, Utah PHOTO BY: Laura Sangaila

 I was really surprised as to how large Lake Powell really was.  I knew it was big but this place is really big! I am very impressed.  At times it felt like we just kept going on the lake and it never ended. 
Lina cliff jumping in lake powell, Utah  PHOTO BY: Laura Sangaila

There were a lot of boats on the water but after idling through the channels, we were able to avoid them with ease. After an hour or so, we stopped at the slick rock shoreline and hand some lunch. 
Preparing for the hot run across the sand in lower antelope canyon, lake powell, Utah PHOTO BY: Laura Sangaila
 We climbed around the rocks for a bit and cliff jumped which was fun. Eventually we made our way back on the water and continued on down to Lower Antelope Canyon where it dumps out into lake Powell. It was quite the experience to take Jet Skis up Lower Antelope canyon and to be in a canyon with a jet ski... I highly recommend it!!! It puts pack rafting and swimming out of canyons into perspective!!
Lower Antelope canyon via lake powell. Utah

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