October 21, 2009

Monument Valley campsite
I flew into Arizona to spend some time with my buddy Eric and go on a camping trip for the weekend to visit some photogenic spots around the area. 
Monument Valley photo by Eric Kalassa

We woke up the next day in Scottsdale Arizona and drove up with Monument Valley for a overnighter on the mystical desert lands of the Navajo.

Monument Valley Access Road
We got to a grocery store in Mexican hat Utah and I was surprised to see how many homeless Indians there were. There was a neighborhood that was being built as we were there along with a nice looking hotel on the vista overlook but there does not appear to be much more for the Indians to do in the area.
Monument Valley
We finally got to the campground set up camp and the sun was starting to go down so we decided to hike around the only trail that was accessable in the area. It was a two mile hike around the mittons of monument valley.
Monument Valley
 It was a nice hike around the block and we got back just in time as the sun was setting in the distance and a clear but very cold night was upon us.   We stayed up for a bit watching the shooting stars and the bright stars that were out but ended up getting some sleep, At least we tried to.
Monument Valley in the morning overlooking the Mittens on top of a tabletop mountain
It was freaking piss cold outside and thankfully I brought my 20 down sleeping bag and sleeping pas which kept me warm right down to the bare minimum.  It must have dropped in the teens it was so cold out.  I remember climbing out of the tent at around 4 am to see the amazing stars and venus as bright as I have ever seen venus.  the moon set and it was just pure darkness and stars everywhere!!! A few hours later I woke up and hiked up one of the tabletop mountains before Eric woke up.
Mitten Buttee Monument Valley
He was not able to get much sleep due to the cold so by the time I got back in the morning, he was waking up. We ended up leaving Monument Valley Shortly after and headed back to Arizona to visit the Navajo monument and Dinosaur tracks which was interesting to check out and a bit of a scam at the same time.  We stopped off at volcanos and another location that had ruins before making it back to Scottsdale in time for nightfall and sleep in a bed before trekking out south down to Pichacho peak, suraro national park, and Ruby Arizona.
Monument Valley

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