January 14, 2012

Casa Cenote

My camera died by the time I made it to casa cenote so these are not my pictures but the cenote feeds into the ocean so you will find sea turtles eels and fish that hang out in the lagoon. T I drove the rental to the last stop and this location was unique for its crystal clear waters but it was a march land of sorts with mangrove islands and a cave system that feeds into the ocean. he river system is connected to the yukatan cave system which makes this a cenote but the waters weave through a mangroove forest which allows a beautiful habitat for birds fish and reptiles.
Casa Cenote
 It was nice to swim through this place as the waters were warm and there were fish in the lagoon waters hiding in the plants and towards the bottom of that lagoon.
Casa Cenote
 I was also following a karst feature that soon went into a cave system but since I was only on my snorkel and holding my breath I went in for a bit and came back out without going to deep into the cave
This was a beautiful place and I cant wait to go back and visit Casa Cenote one more time.

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