October 20, 2012

Raccoon Creek-Blue Spring Sump Dive indiana
The night before I went to visit Danyele, Chris, and Tymme, to bounce Cadillac Pit and get some caving in but today was the project day.  Chris Parks, Adam Haydock, and Sam Frushour went over to the Raccoon Creek resurgence to dive and start to map a cave system that is beyond this sump.
RACCOON CREEK-blue spring sump dive indiana
The entrance had to be dug out a bit but 450 ft. of line was layed down at a depth of between 3ft. and 8 ft with around 3-4ft of viz going in and Zero viz coming out of the dive. Sam when down and layed the primary line down on the previous line that was still down there. I followed Sam and Chris followed me as we descended down into this restricted passage of breakdown and bad viz which quickly turned into a line drill going in.  We were bumping into boulders and we worked our way through this passage until we finally popped out in air passage!! Nice!!  the ceiling must have been 6-7 ft by 6-7 ft wide and the air passage meandered around a bend and went back underwater at a distance of are 500-600 ft. we had to slog and crawl through the mud and found that just crawling through the mud soup was better than attempting to walk through it.  We continued to descend for another 600-700 ft of similar underwater passage as we encountered before until we camp up to another air passage that was a bit bigger than the last one. There were not many formations on the walls but it was interesting to have to continue to traverse and pop back up in air passage.  We decided to turn around and take some measurements as we exited the cave but from what I understand, this cave continues back under for another 1000ft and keep going!  No doubt we will be returning to this to pursue the sump.
Raccoon Creek-Blue Spring-sump dive indiana
It was quite the experience coming out of this sump as viz was zero and it was a complete line drill while bumping tanks into the passages as we worked our way out.  I cant wait to go back here!
Raccoon creek blue spring entrance indiana

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