March 22, 2013

Carcass Crypt Pit
We woke up early and made our way over to the residents house where Carcass Crypt is located.  The entrance to the pit is a decent sized hole that drops about 70ft into a large room with 200 ft of passages that ends in a dry fall. 
Laura Sangaila in Carcass Crypt Pit
 Laura Sangaila, Phil Goldman, Molly Goldman, Laura Oliver, and I made it over to the entrance and rigged the drop with two ropes as Laura and I were going to Kerns Pit afterwards. This was the first pit cave that Laura Sangaila dropped into so we rigged in such a way so we could follow Laura and Molly down as we worked our way over the edge and was on rope. 

Carcass Crypt Pit
It was fantastic to get Laura on rope and down to the bottom of the cave. She was so excited so make it down and we took some photos of the cave.

Carcass Crypt Pit
 Laura Oliver and I continued to take some more photos and started to head up the rope and make our way over to Kerns Pit so we could bounce that one and make it back in good time to Chicago.  

Carcass Crypt Pit

Carcass Crypt wasa nice Indiana drop and I am happy LS has got over the edge...Another vertical caver!!!! :)

Carcass Crypt Pit

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