May 31, 2013

Bryce Canyon

We got to the Bryce Canyon visitor center and waited in the expected long line to get more information on where to camp for the next two nights. We get to speak to a ranger and the conversation went like this,..."Hello, where are some good places to camp for the next two nights"... (Fuzzy dirty Santa looking ranger)..."Yeaaaa, all of the parks I have been at, 'and I have not been to them all, but the ones I've been to, have designated campgrounds".  He than gave me this look like I am some idiot.  "Are you fucking kidding me right now" I thought to myself in exactly .3 seconds.   It took another .2 seconds to think, 'Yea I'm thinking I want to high five your face with that yellow stapler on your desk but I'm just to sore from being in the last national park to do that.' Another .3 to interrupt that may not be the best idea (thank you, reasoning), and another .2 to reply "tell me more about the north campground"?   
We found the right camp site and we quickly got set up in one of the last spots the campground had. Thankfully we got the spot right next to the first hike we were going to do, the Fairyland Loop trail.  Another couple joined our camp site for the night as they could not find another location which was nice because they paid for the spot for us. We got to sleep early and wanted to get an early start to the day.
We woke up early the following day after a cold night of sleeping on the wrong side of the tent.  Cooked up the usual grub from the massive bag of dried foods we collected from REI and started our run on the fairlyland loop trail.  From what we understood, this trail seemed to be only 3-4 miles, but at around mile 8 we found that to not be the case. This loop was no joke!, there were ups, downs, curve to the left, curve to the right, zig zag, and even go in circles as we weaved through the hoodoos of this alien like landscape.  Pine trees and mineral deposits peppered the lands with brilliant fairy dust colors of red, yellow, white, and pink.  We made our dazzling finish to the loop in good time so we went to the lodge for a nice lunch.  There was one more hike I wanted to accomplish before I could say Bryce Canyon has been seen.  The Navajo Loop Trail.
We started our decent into the popular 1 mile down and up trail zig zaging through tall pine trees and hoodoo pillars. The Last forth of the loop trail was closed use to debris falling so we made it to the section that was closed off and took a brief power break from the "where does the trail go" questions. I took some snap shots and than be back tracked toward the entrance where we came from.  Expect to see a lot of people from all around the world here but also expect to see something that you have never seen before when you go to Bryce Canyon.  I'm not much for the tourist places but this place is worth a visit.


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