September 03, 2013

Pewit's Nest Wisconsin
 The last night of our trip we slept in a bit at Buckhorn State Park so we could stop of at a little gem called Pewit's Nest.  This place is located near Baraboo in Wisconsin which as a small narrow canyon with several small waterfall drops to wade through.  Laura, Marne, John and myself went to the top of the canyon where the walls allow for people to slide into the water and into the canyon.  John stayed dry as the rest of us started our descent down Pewit's Nest.
 waterfall at Pewit's Nest Wisconsin
 The canyon walls had similar features as the bluffs of the Kickapoo River and Parfay's Glen.  Moss and slippery rock were common in the canyon as we made our traverse down the small gorge. We encountered two sections where we had to swim to get to the next drop.  The picture below was the first wade through water.
waterfall wade Pewit's Nest Wisconsin
 After the final drop there was a pool with deep water that was surrounded by a narrow canyon but lead out to the beach area where a through trip can be made.
 final drop into the canyon and out of Pewit's Nest Wisconsin

We were having a lot of fun so we decided to ascend back up the waterfalls and to the top of the canyon were we entered from. We were presented to the same fun challenges but they were a bit different since we are ascending up slippery rock and waterfalls, it required a bit more team work to complete.
Pewit's Nest Wisconsin
 After making it up and over the waterfalls we got to the top and John was waiting for us there holding our dry clothes.  Pewits nest is a nice break away from the day and it was a great way to end a wonderful weekend labor day trip.  I want to thank Laura for setting up such an awesome trip as well as for everyone else who came out to enjoy some of the good parts to the southwest Wisconsin region.

Pewit's Nest Wisconsin


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