Milwaukee Car Ferry

October 15, 2013

Inside port stern quarter Milwaukee Carferry
Sunday morning my dive buddy Mike Apke picked me up at around 7 am to make one last shipwreck dive trip for the season in Milwaukee. I wanted to get out to the car ferry for a long time so finally this weekend we got some time to make a two dive trip on this shipwreck.

Mike and I met up with Jitka Hanakova and Dave Sutton with the Shipwreck Explorers in Milwaukee around 9 am.  I was a bit surprised to hear that we were the only two divers on the boat but it was nice to see that the dive was not cancelled due to a lack of divers. We quickly geared up for the dive and took off soon afterwards making it out to the Milwaukee Car Ferry on calm seas and clear skies, we couldn't have asked for a better day. I like it when it is around 55-60 on the lake because it keeps you from over heating while in your dry suit. 
We hooked into the buoy and started going over our dive plan which was to descend the line to the stern port quarter and enter in the cabin room for a tour around the living quarters inside the Carferry. The water was temp was in the upper 40s on the surface and lower 40s at the bottom, viz was 50ft. 
Mike Apke at the port bow quarter Milwaukee Carferry

As we made our approach to the wreck, I noticed Mike was not around so I waited for him at the line. After a couple minutes Mike made it down and we started our search for the cabin entrance. We were pushing through tight enclosed places and I just was not able to locate the place to drop down into the lower level. 
Box car wheels on the Milwaukee Carferry

We continued up port side to the bow while taking pictures with my camera that decided to fog up on me so I was not able to get the best pics. 
Milwaukee Carferry midship

We completed out traverse by circling the wreck from the bow and traveling down starboard till we found our line back up to the surface. We made our decompression stops and got back on the boat after 45 minutes on the wreck. 

Milwaukee Carferry
We made our second dive concentrating on the stairs that will take us to the cabin area but I was not able to find the stairs until we had to turn the dive due to being close to my thirds.
Stairway leading to the lower level Milwaukee Carferry

Next time I come to the car ferry I will know where the cabin quarters entrance is and make a penetration dive to check it out. 

I want to thank Dave Sutton for giving me some great advise and tips on gear configuration suggestions. Thank you Jitka for another great dive trip. We will see you guys next year.
Mike Apke on the Milwaukee Carferry

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