November 11, 2013

Phil Goldman in Green Eye Pit 1 Indiana
We set out for the usual drive down to Indiana’s karst country with the objective of having an incredible beginners trip with the Windy City Grotto for what will turn out to be a memorable weekend for 28 cavers.  I woke up around 6 am to meet up with Phil on the road as we drove with the sun rising to our left. Heather McQueen, Quentin Shaw, Raul Pina , and Phil Goldman were in another car and I drove solo as we blasted down the 65 to Bloomington to pick up Bill Baus and company. We ate brunch and drove over to Green Eye Pit after picking up Bill at the Baus Haus. The landowners of Green Eye Pit are amazing and I will soon realize how much more amazing they are as the day goes on. We were allowed to drive to the fence on the property and walk to the Pit entrance.  Just shy of a 100ft., this pit is a pretty one for Bloomington as it has a drop with another dome room next to it. 
Green Pit 1 Entrance
We rigged two ropes so we were able to bounce the pit multiple times and attempt to take pictures on rope which was a bit more challenging than I thought but I think I figured out some new methods that will work for me next time but I was able to get a few pictures.

Phil Goldman looking up the 96 ft Green Eye Pit cave

After we completed bouncing the pit I wanted to find Green Eye 2 while Phil went back to Bloomington to drop off Bill and head out to Spring Mill State Park.  I get to my car with Heather and Quentin so we could move our car to the second pit entrance.  I started driving up the small hill and I could feel my tires starting to spin.   We got to a section where it was a slight incline and my car started to slow down while the tires were spinning until my car start sliding down the small hill.  I backed up proceeded forward with logs under my tires but they started spinning and moving the car to the side.  FUCK!! I yelled as I realized I am stuck on this fucking hill!.  I called Phil and he said he can be back with a cable to get me out but it will take some time.While we waited, Quentin and I located Green Eye 2 so we knew where it was for the next time.  When we got back we saw the landowner go back to check and see what we were up to and saw my car stuck in the mud.  This guy is a freakin angel, instead of getting pissed at me for having a honda ripping up the mud and getting stuck in the mud, he offered to get his tractor and tow me out of the mud!  Thankfully he was home and had a tractor that could get me out.  Heather and Quentin jumped on the back of the tractor and we rigged the car so the tractor can drag the car up the hill.   Afterwards, I offered to fix the damage from the tires but he wasn’t worried about it, instead we hung out and talked about cavers, caving, and his beautiful property.  Someone is getting a phatty holiday card this year!!!..yup, that guy!! We drove off and went to Spring Mill State Park, set up camp, and hung out around the fire.  One by one people started showing up and around 1 am we had 28 cavers that have checked in with us and ready to cave the following day!

Green Eye Pit 1 Indiana

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