January 24, 2014

Main borehole passage of Cueva Larga

So the night before we were hanging out in the room and all of a sudden we hear a bass guitar with some of the deepest bass I have heard In a while coming from what appeared to be below us??. I figured it was another music box on 4 wheels wrapped in cheap dynamax that was stopped at the light but no, this was coming from the basement below us. we ask the front desk and in a chill response to our noise inquiry, they told her "oh it's the cult", huh?!? The cult? What the fuck is that suppose to mean? So apparently a "cult " rents out the basement of this hotel on Mondays to preach about the pasta farian or whatever that hell they found to be believable enough to all sit in a semi circle listening to some bozo singing with his bass guitar rumbling the foundation of the hotel with every off key chord he played. On a Monday??? Don't these people have homes? It went on till 10 pm. Dicks!!

Anyway the next morning, We left for Lares Puerto Rico to pursue another long day of hiking through the jungle on a quest to get to cueva Dos Ojos and cueva Larga. We meet up with Rolf, Andy, and Flora at the Walgreen's in Lares so we can gather up our last minute supplies and make our way over to the drop off point for the rental car. We planned to drop off the car, hike to Dos Ojos and larga, meet up with Rolf at larga, than continue to hike out with Rolf to his car, and get shuttled back to our car. That was very thoughtful of Flora and Rolf to place the cars in a way that would make it easier for all of us, you guys are awesome!!!!

Laura  and Andy at the entrance of Cueva Dos Ojos
We make it up the hill and talk to the landowners about what we are going to do. We continued down into the jungle with some indicators to where Dos Ojos was located. After about 45 minutes of mogote hiking we made it to the impressive entrance of Dos Ojos.

 It was more impressive from the inside looking out but I really enjoyed this cave. Once we were able to scramble our way down to the bottom of the entrance, Flora went off to work on her project while Laura, Andy and I went in the other direction. We past impressive old flow stone drapery covered in fine popcorn textures. The ceiling was at least 50ft and the passage provided breakdown and huge flow stone structures to climb around.

Soon after we made it to the end of the cave which had some more impressive flow stone drapery formations.
Afterwards we turned back and went the other side of the cave where Flora was working. I decided to stay back near the entrance to catch some of the noon sunlight that was shining into the cave, lighting up the formations. 
I continued back to see what Flora was working on and there were about to wrap up with what they had going on so I came back out and got some more pics of what was around us and of everyone exiting the cave.
We wanted to get over to larga in good time so we packed up and got ready to go.
 We continued to orient and re orient ourselves to get to Cueva Larga. Along the way, we passed Cueva Dugon and I was impressed with the entrance this cave had which was situated on a wall of a large sinkhole. Next time I'm coming back here. After a few minor mis orientations, and a strange "monkey" sound,  we found Rolf and the entrance to Larga 

Larga had an interesting vine covered formation entrance that you walk in between the formations to get into the cave.

 Than you climb down formations to get to the massive..and I mean massive borehole passage. Tom miller surprised us by making a guest appearance which was nice to hangout with him and talk about some of the cave features and geology. Some of the pics didn't turn out so well and others turned out pretty decent

Rolf was working on some projects so I was able to help him document his work with a few photos for him which I posted on facebook.  I was able to get a pic of Rolf on the other side of a massive breakdown pile that got high carbon dioxide readings and was warmer than where we came from. 

There was a lower level where we went down into after Rolf finished up with his work and I was pretty impressed with the formations that were growing in this section.

We made our exit from the cave shortly after going through knee high sticky mud and sliding down a few mud hills in the cave.  After an educational speech directed by Flora about education, we proceeded out and through the jungle mogote landscape past the landowners house and down to Rolf's car.

No that's not Rolf's car but it was a car on the side of the road.  reminded me of what our rental would have looked like if we flipped the edge of the moss road in Florida Puerto Rico.
After being challenged to a duel of swordsmanship, we changed out of our super hero sexy caver gear into something a bit more intimate and proceeded to pack Rolfs ouppdee to shuttle back to our car. After a few wrong turns, directional fingers from locals, 1 pizza side thought, 1 landslide,  and about a billion winding turns in the roads, we made it back to our rental and said goodbye to our friends.   I want to thank whoever the cult was believing that night, that they were not at the hotel. Thanks!! We were pretty tired from the past few days and not something we wanted to come home to.  Thankfully they were gone and we got a good nights rest for the next day to Observatory Cave



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