May 06, 2014

OTE at the WIT hotel downtown Chicago
Every Year I try to volunteer at least twice to do some sort of work to benefit someone else.  This year I volunteered with a company called OTE (Over the Edge).  This is a company with rope access technicians that rig ropes on top of buildings for people to rappel over the edge that raise money for fundraisers or other events.  The Respiratory Health fund had OTE rig ropes on the 28th floor of the WIT hotel in downtown Chicago so donors that raised at least one thousand dollars could rappel down the WIT hotel from the top of the building.  The Name of this event is called The Skyline Plunge.  This 287ft drop was nice as you can see Marina City Towers, The Chicago Theater, and all of the other State Street attractions.  I got to the building and went through an orientation to help the media rappel off the building.  They had some reporters, journalists, and other new media professionals come out to rappel and talk about the event.  I was working the bottom of the training platform as groups of media came down the 10ft training rope as practice for the 287ft drop over the WIT hotel down to State Street.  After the media was able to make their run down the main line drop we tied off everything for the day and went home.  The Following day we had to be there early so we got to the hotel to help over 70 people get over the edge and make it to the ground safely.  I worked the bottom of the drop to get everyone off of the rope and make sure they were able to get their pictures taken.  The second part of the day I helped at the training platform and then went over to the mainline to assist with helping everyone over the edge.  Everyone did fantastic getting over the edge and it was a great time.  I am glad I was able to assist with OTE as this was my second time doing it.  I helped out last September and I want to continue to help out when OTE is back in town in the future.  The Respiratory Health fund was able to raise a substantial amount of money so to know it was for a good cause, made for a great weekend!!

28 floors above State Street OTE at the WIT hotel

SKYLINE PLUNGE : http://skylineplunge.org/

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