June 10, 2014

Adam Haydock in River Cave in Cave River Valley Indiana
After a break outside we went up stream passing a series of nice small waterfalls till we got to the entrance of river Cave.  This cave is not as long as Endless cave but the passages appeared to be larger in size.

Entrance of River Cave in Cave River Valley Indiana
 The entrance was rather interesting which consisted of three pools cavers had to swim through with the depth appearing to be around 6 to 7 feet in some places.  We had a life boat and some of of us wore dive fins to shuttle non swimmers and gear in the raft.  Once we got to the last pool we ditched out fins and boat to traverse through the cave.

River Cave in Cave River Valley Indiana
We continue to follow the large stream passage and go through large rooms with monster breakdown boulders we had to climb over.  I was impressed with this cave as it reminded me of a horizontal TAG cave with these large boulders and the passage we were traversing through.
River Cave Indiana
We continue on into a duck walking section and come up to one of the longest straight line passages I have ever seen, I believe this passage is around 600 ft in length and has a stream passage to traverse through which was impressive to see.  the passage started to get smaller and the water got deeper as we got towards the back of the cave.  We came to a small breakdown section with  formation room and eventually came up on a section where we had to squeeze through a waterfall to get to the final section of the cave.  We could hear the water below us raging away but the breakdown around us prevented us from continuing.  There was a spot that appeared to be a potential dig but we decided to turn back and head out of the cave. 
Exit of River Cave in Cave River Valley Indiana
This was a fantastic trip and a fantastic day of caving so we want to thank the DNR for allowing Restricted access to these special places.  We had a blast and made sure we collected a bunch of garbage from the cave that was brought in from run off. 
At the entrance of River Cave in Cave River Valley Indiana

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