September 10, 2014

Kassia in Boltergeist Canyon
Last day of technical canyoneering in Utah and kassia and I wanted to get one of the back up canyons done since we decided not to go to mystery canyon. We had the permits but it just didn't work out for us due to the weather so we left Zion and went out to silver reef to pull boltergeist canyon. We drove down a improved dirt road for around 7 miles until we got to the trailhead for this canyon. It was quite hot out and we were exposed to the sun for the duration of the canyon so I made sure I packed some extra water. 

Boltergeist Canyon
Boltergeist is rated at a 3AI and the trail head is right off the dirt road so we pulled over and started out descent down to the first 40ft rap.  It was a slope going into a pothole so we were able to rap this one with ease and pull the ropes down to the next rap.
Kassia Boltergeist Canyon
The next was another 40ft rappel into a watercourse canyon with a tremendous amount of mosquito's buzzing around us.  I was wondering why this place was named boltergeist but after listening to all the mosquitoes flying around us, the sound that these bugs made sounded like a scary movie so is that were the term "Boltergeist" came from?  I was thinking it might have been from the numerous bolts embedded into the rock making for a scary bolt yard of human impact but I didn't see a lot of access bolts in the walls.
Kassia rappelling down Boltergeist Canyon
We dropped down the next few rappels with the 100s of mosquito's that were following us until we popped out in the sun.  They seem to disappear in direct sun and when we were back in the shade, they would return in great numbers.

Boltergeist Canyon
Eventually we made it to the final 150 ft rappel with a nice overlook into the gorge below.  We rapped down the final drop and pulled our ropes down and followed the stream bed in the trees up and out of the canyon until we got back to the road and eventually to the car. This concluded our canyoneering portion of the trip as we were pretty rapped out and beat from the days prior but Boltergeist is a nice back up or beginner/warm up canyon and we enjoyed the travels down the ropes to the bottom and back up. 
Kassia Boltergeist Canyon

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