October 08, 2011

After coming back from Rock Island State Park, I made my way over to the super quiet beach on north Washington Island.  It wasn’t so quiet as people were wrapping up a weekend holiday here so it was rather packed full of suburbanites, retired, and overzealous un-appreciating rich kids. They were everywhere!! 
I donned my dive gear and after the 15th person asking me if I am going into the water to dive I just pointed to the last person who asked me for the answer to that question.  After getting in the water I was able to work my way from shore and the noise subsided. somewhat.  

I got to the shipwreck of the Louisiana and she could be a shore dive but the landowner is fed up with people coming on his property to swim to the wreck. 

Its pretty interesting to check out and reminded me of the fleetwing a bit but with more dive boats and people everywhere.
After a short dive I came back to shore and drove over to a rock pile where the shipwreck of the Pride has found its place at the bottom of the great lakes, just 100ft off shore in 60ft of water.

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