January 31, 2016

Toothbrush cave, Utah
Toothbursh cave is located just to the east of Little Brush Creek Cave in the Ashley National forest. The entrance was almost covered to the rim with snow so we climbed up and over the entrance and went down the 45 degree slope to where the 40ft drop is located.  There is a decent anchor can rig to the dead tree that is stempled across the pit or rig a long rope to a tree at the surface.
Toothbrush Cave, Utah
At the bottom of the cave there is a passage that leads to toothbrush hall that has a icicle column connected to the wall. The ceiling appears to be around 40ft high and continues to a sloping passage that turns into a crawl in a couple hundred feet. I recommend seeing this cave if you are in the area but I would not suggest it as a destination cave.
Toothbrush Map.

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