July 05, 2016

Pine Pole Pit, Utah
Sunday we met up with Bonny and Andy Armstrong around 1pm to head out into one of our favorite places in Utah, the Wasatch and Unita Mountains. This time we set out for Pine Pole Pit and Grave Cave.
Andy found a lead in Pine Pole Cave, utah

We headed up and found our way to Pine Pole Pit which is around a 30ft drop into a sloping passage leading to a 50x20ft room covered in moon milk and some evidence of hypogenic quality.
Andy being sucked into the vortex in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
Pine Pole pit is a great example of limestone solutional karst which might very well be a fusion with hydrothermal properties as we observed crystal formations and marbled sandstone like strata within the walls of the cave.
Laura wondering if Andy will ever come back in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
Unfortunately we also saw evidence of miners digging into the ground in the hopes that they will find Spanish gold.  I understand the desire to explore and discover something especially if gold is involved but please respect this natural cave and its surrounding environment. This cave and others are very important to preserve so lets all practice minimal impact and please do not alter or harm the cave.  Enjoy the beauty that these caves have to offer. Besides, there is NO gold in these caves.
Andy finally came back safe and sound from the vortex in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
 We enjoyed some time down in this room and took some photos while goofing around and observing natural features around us.
Andy Armstrong and Bonny Armstrong in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
 I am working on a few angles for flashes and enjoyed taking photos of everyone which is always fun.
Laura, Andy, and Bonny in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
At the start of the drop, Andy rigged the main line, a traverse line, and a redirect like all with one rope using fat rabbit bowline knots which was really interesting to see.
Laura, Andy, and Bonny in Pine Pole Pit, Utah

After a while we eventually headed up to the top of the drop and de rigged.

Laura in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
I find it equally beautiful at the top as I do at the bottom but we were again surrounded by orange Indian brush, white columbine, purple pensteme, and blue bell flowers around us. Awesome!!!!
Laura in Pine Pole Pit, Utah
We de rigged and headed over to Grave cave
Pine Pole Pit, Utah

Pine Pole pit got its name from the pine tree that was found in the cave which actually looks like there was another pine tree that was thrown in there and used for a ladder of sorts to get in and out of the cave.

Pine Pole Pit, Utah
I do not recommend using the tree that is in there now as it is quite the skinny dead tree and will break on you if you try to climb down in it.
Pine Pole Pit, Utah
This is one of my favorite caves in the area and I would not mind coming back to this one if there was a lot of time to do so.

Pine Pole Pit, Utah
Please keep this cave pristine and respect the land around it.
Laura in Pine Pole Pit, Utah

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