September 12, 2016

Polygamy's Cave, Utah
Polygamy's cave appears to be one of the more popular cave's in Tony Grove with its foot traffic and groups of people we found not only congregating at the entrance, but inside the cave at a distance past the light zone at a point where we would think people would have enough sense to wear helmets. 
at the entrance of Polygamy's Cave, Utah
Unfortunately, we saw a lot of people in the cave passing through and sitting around without helmets and without the right equipment.  .
making a dust devil entrance into Polygamy's Cave
This made us worry a bit about the future and if something were to happen, would they impose regulations or sanctions on future visitors because of an accident(s), that might otherwise be easy to avoid by taking proper precautions. Lets all do our part to ensure we protect ourselves by not only being safe, but ensure that we preserve the caves for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.
Polygamy's cave, Utah
We entered the cave and went down its slopping passage and under some restrictions which took us into a dome room. We spotted a section where we would work our way down a small hole to the first drop, a 50 footer with a couple bolt stations to choose from.
Polygamy's cave, Utah
Continuing past this section the cave keep going for a bit and restricts to a point where there is a 175 footer called first wife pit. Continuing down that drop there are another drop called the second wife pit which will take you down to the bottom of the cave at a depth of around 400ft.

 Polygamy's cave, Utah
There is another pit if you keep going past the first wife pit, which is cleverly called the third wife pit.  This drop is around 120ft into a terminal room.  
 the entrance passage of Polygamy's cave, Utah
Laura and I found this cave to be interesting because of the red sandstone layers, combined with some quartzite, and dolomitic limestone that colored some of the rooms with a mosaic array of design.
Laura in Polygamy's cave, Utah
We were quickly running out of time from the dive in ricks spring, so we headed back out and made it back to the car before nightfall. There are some other interesting caves in the area so we are looking forward to checking those out in the near future!

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