February 11, 2017

Ladder of Doom Canyon, Nevada
 About a half hour south of Las Vegas on a lonely highway with a few shiny and remote casinos, there are some mountains of limestone hills that have some interesting geology to them.. I have been wondering if these hills will be home to a few caves but I have not been able to locate anything as of now. There are a few mines in the area but, more importantly, the state line hills have 4 canyoneering routes that might appeal to a lot of canyoneers. This particular canyon was a rough road to the TH and only about an hour hike up to the top.

Ladder of Doom Canyon, Nevada
 Ladder of Doom canyon was not that appealing to me as the drops were a bit open but the limestone was interesting to see.  regardless, it only took 2 hours to get through the canyon and I was back at the car, driving off the alluvial fan.  There are three other canyons here and I am willing to make another stop here to check them out.

Ladder of Doom Canyon, Nevada

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