November 26, 2019

Arriving to the grand canyon region is a local ticket to another world with a narrative that can be written through your own suffering or your own enlightenment. Sure there is anything in-between but in the land of extremes, I find that there are typically stories written with quick endings and stories written with continuing blank chapters being desperately beckoned to be written.   This is where my Grand Canyoneering story begins with no apparent ending. 

Arriving to the rim, time seems to be forgotten as well as the rest of civilization. Measurements and strides are taken by geologic layers and by the suns and moons. 

Flipoff is no exception BUT the amount of elevation loss is less considering a lot of the other canyons within the grand canyon. Our loss was around 2400 feet which would get us into the upper reaches of the great Kanab Creek Canyon. 

Although hiking was straightforward and the views were amazing, the route finding can be a bit of a "pick your way down and go" approach. regardless we made it down in great time and the roads leading to the trailhead were some of the better roads I have experienced. 

Flipoff was a great access point for our crackbaby, rattlesnake, and kirks chasm loop we have built and we are about to find out how amazing this will become. 

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