March 01, 2020

Mud stone and silt stone canyons are few and far in between in the world of canyons.

This particular canyon gives a flavor of silt stone rock with great views and excellent drops including a free hanging 180 ft rap. 

Aracnaphobia canyon is also a great half day canyon for people to visit to round off the weekend. 

The raps are in some areas in rapid fire succession but other areas there is a bit of walking involved. 

We changed out a few anchors and developed a great pace for the team to get out in good time. 

The canyon starts off with a bang with one rap after another. 

There are sections of narrow canyon corridors but other sections where it is indeed open. 

We had everyone carry ropes and we were able to leap frog quickly. 

The clouds made for a great day of photography as the sunlight did quite make many sides to much of a hot spot. 

I can only imagine this canyon getting very hot in the summer time and making this place unbearable. 

Once we got down from the canyon that drainage pours into desolation canyon where we were presented by a heard of tourists. 

There are some great canyons within this particular area and I think all three are worth a visit.

I do recommend this canyon and it was better than I thought. 

If you are looking for canyon beta visit this website is just for journal and personal use only. 

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