October 03, 2020

hanging from a cliff, I look down and notice what I saw from below.  A grassy landing of sorts with a sloping lip that led to a vertical fall of hundreds of feet. 

I knew I was in the right place and knew that I had to work around this entrance due to some of the team members not being prepared for passing re-anchors ( glad I found this out when I started over the lip and not the times before, when I asked if people will be prepared for this.)

As I bent around the corner, my anticipation to see the inside of this cave sky rocketed. It was everything, that any cave explorer would want to see; new passage, walking passage, no sign of previous visitation, and a gaping hole as far as I can see. 

Once I got off rope and quickly run down the sloping walking passage like a 13 yr old in a porno store. 

My light at full capacity disappear into the darkness and I look up and see the floor going up and a room starting to open in size!

I first thought that the passage was going up and had higher rooms but it ended as quick as it began. 

Slightly let down but curious, I look around in the room and start to notice some un-usual shapes and geology. 

The walls have tiny triangular shapes on them that extend to the ceiling and near the top of the ceiling, I can see some large triangular shaped forms, circular like formations, and a lot of popcorn.  The ceiling was also covered in these formations. 

Upon closer look, they appeared to be what I have seen in Lech and in a cave called death angel cave in the Egan's range. 

Dogtooth Spar crystals, and a lot of them!! they appeared to cover the walls and ceiling!! 

Some of these spar crystals higher up appeared to be almost a foot in length!

Some others appeared to grow over mammillary and popcorn formations. I could not believe how this cave looked and it felt like we literally walked into a geode. This is quite possibly one of the shortest largest most decorated caves that I have ever found. I am so grateful for the team that I had to help and this would not have been possible with out the tireless efforts of the team and their resolve. 


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