December 26, 2010

Adam Haydock entering Cenote Corral Mexico
I was really excited to be going to dive these cenotes once again and I got to pick out a location that appeared to be really beautiful based on the pictures I have seen from the past.  I am fascinated how the Yucatan is a swiss cheese karst feature that is basically a corral reef in a jungle with a vast network of cave systems and a high water table with a saltwater layer.   
Sea Shell Cenote Corral
We get to the dive shop and take our time as we make it over to El Eden Cenote where two Cenotes exist including one large collapsed sink filled with crystal clear freshwater, fish, and a large cave entrance titled El Eden Cenote.
Looking out from El Eden Cenote
We are getting ready to stride into the water and do our dives when I noticed my camera taking in water!  I brought it up back to the surface and ended up having to leave it back as there was some sort of small crack in it.

Cenote El Eden

We got a chance to do two dives in this cave which I was excited about but the other guys I were diving with were a bit more frightened about going into a cave system.  I reasonable fear but since we are with a qualified instructor I wasn't too worried about it and once we were inside, the passage rooms were pretty big!
El Eden Cenote
We looked above and we could see the sunbeams blasting through the canopy above and into the water which was absolutely amazing to see and I was really impressed by how beautiful this was.  once traversing through the cave system, we came up to a an air pocket and found a large root system from a surface tree where the roots stop just below the water level.
with a Dive Buddy in a air pocket in El Eden Cenote.  Roots from a tree on the surface

We continue on and connect over to Cenote Corral which is another nice cenote with a impressive entrance and fossils locked into the limestone walls.

El Eden Cenote
The passages were quite large in size and easy to swim through as we could see super far ahead of us when we were inside the cave.

El Eden Cenote from the inside looking out
I was also impressed to see the different kinds of fish that exist in these cenotes as I have never seen anything quite like this before and the underwater caves that I am use to are full of mud and zero visibility.  This was beautiful!!
El Eden Cenote
I liked how everything was set up with the stands and how some of these cenotes are like waterparks of sorts so all kinds of people can enjoy these amazing karst features of mexico.
Fish in El Eden Cenote
I can not wait to come back soon and come with a group of cave divers and check out some of the other cenotes off the map but these are beautiful classics.
Formations in El Eden Cenote

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