January 15, 2011

Angelita Cenote-this is NOT my photo
I was really excited to be finally going to Angelita Cenote as I have read and seem so much about this place before and this place seemed to be so interesting to check that when the dive shop owner mentioned that he was going to go there, I was excited to get on board and go.

 We had to drive from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum which was rather far of a drive but worth the wait due to what we were about to go and see.

Angelita Cenote
We load up our diving gear and walk over the entry point and giant stride into the cenotes blue clear waters. There is an Crocodile the is said to live in the area but I did not see that but instead saw fresh water fish and beautiful crystal clear waters when I descended down to the 80ft point of the sink where the layer of Hydrogen Sulfide exists.  This is said to be an "Underwater River" of sorts that allows this bacterial waste product to seep into this sink and float like fog around fallen trees at the bottom.   After making a few rounds in the sink we started to go under the layer and into the darkness.

Angelita Cenote, this is NOT my picture
We can almost taste the sulfur as we went through the thick yellow layer down into another layer of warmer water in complete darkness due to the layer blocking out the sun completely. There were leaves and branches in pristine condition that must have fallen along time ago preserved in this layer which was another interesting site to see. Soon after we rose out of the sulfide layer like zombies from the dead and back into the clear waters of the remaining sink. I could see birds flying above me past the waterline and schools for fish moving around which made for a very interesting dive!!
Angelita Cenote

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