January 15, 2011

Platform at Dos Ojos Cenote
We left the dive center to drive out to the Akumul area in Mexico and got to a series of cave systems called Dos Ojos.  This System is a series of cave systems that connect to different passages in a complex of caves under the jungle canopy. This particular system is really popular for tourist companies taking snorkelers and divers to visit the caves.  I am not much for tourist attractions but this was something that I absolutely loved when I was there.
Dos Ojos Cenote
I went to visit Chuc Mool the year before and I was so fascinated with how beautiful these underwater caves were and fell in love with the crystal clear blue waters and large passages under the surface. 
Jungle in Dos Ojos cenote
We geared up and did two dives in the Dos Ojos System going through the cave and witnessing the formations before the caves were filled with water.  This system use to be very active and dissolutional so there were numerous formations in some of the passages along with some fossil shells in the cave.
Dos Ojos Cenote
For someone that is just starting to Cave Dive I found this to be perfect and very interesting to see as the beauty of these places struck my attention.  Now I am hooked and want to learn more there is to know about the world of Cave Diving.
Dos Ojos cenote
There is another system here called "The PIt" which is more of a technical dive that I will like to venture into sometime in the future and I hope I have the opportunity to come back and dive into more cenotes.
Dos Ojos cenote

Dos Ojos cenote

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