August 13, 2011

Chac Mool Cenote-this is NOT my picture
I have heard about the cenotes of the Yukatan but I never had a chance to dive any of them since I have been diving the shipwrecks in the great lakes and some ocean dives here and there.   I was staying at a nice hotel called the xcaret and I got a chance to go on two dives in the cenotes of Chac Mool.  I was so freaking excited about it I couldn't believe it!!  we made it to the center and we walked our dive gear down to the entrance.  Whaaa!! the waters are so freaking blue and it was so peaceful around the entrance. This is so amazing.  I jumped in and we did a dive check before descending on into my first cenote ever. I was so impressed with how this place looked with the sun beams penetrating through the entrance and the crystal clear 74 degree blue water.  We ended up going to Little Brother which is another cenote in the area of Chuc Mool as well. I had a freaking blast and I cant wait to do this again
Inside a air cap in Chuc Mool Cenote.  The thick vines stop just below the surface of the water.

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