September 03, 2011

Taking a “Me” day is always advised no matter if it means getting away from the jobby job, the annoying family, or, in my case, just to get away from the city and spend a day hiking around some islands up north. I woke up early and drove up north to visit Washington Island and Rock island state park on a series of boat launches and one long drive.  

 I made it to the northern tip of Door County and put my Honda on the car ferry that transported us over to Washington Island. 

 Washington Island is a island just north of door county that is more like an island that has intentionally isolated itself of most modern technology. It is quite peaceful with basic necessities like roads, shelter, livestock and farm fields and that is about it.  A lot of people live a self-sustaining life out here and others have a vacation home that is pretty far away from civilization.

I drove across the island to the next ferry dock which had a passenger boat that took people to Rock Island State park. Rock island state park is a limestone island that had some interesting light houses and hiking trails along with historic colonial artifacts people were able to check out.

 I took one of the long hiking trails around most of the island and the shoreline which was a nice trip. Quiet and relaxing.  It was pretty far to get to considering I had to drive 4 hours and take two boats to get to the island. I highly recommend Rock Island State Park for a get-away weekend adventure with the family or if you want to get far away from civilization


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