August 06, 2013

Colin and Tama Tandum climbing out of Conley Hole.
We woke up super early to make sure we fit two massive caves into our schedule for the day, Conley Hole and Mystery Falls.  Conley Hole is a 161 ft drop into a large dome room with some interesting features at the bottom and mystery falls is a 270 ft drop into a HUGE waterfall room. 

Laura Sangaila sitting 60ft up on a mound of breakdown in Conley Hole.

We met up with Colin Gatland, Tama Cassidy, Tammy Otten, and Traci Miklos Hacker for this challenging day of hiking and vertical caving into some of the worlds best caves. We were eating breakfast and Chris the "Wet Turtle" gave us the terrible news that his car is leaking gasoline and he is going to have to get his car back to Bloomington so he can get it fixed, sucks bro!! I wish you made it to these holes in the mountains. 

Adam Haydock Hiking up to Conley Hole Tennessee
Down to seven people, We all geared up and made it over to the parking lot of Conley Hole.  It was a hot and humid day as we walked up hill in a field of grass with the sun beating down on us until we got to the the forest.  We made our ascent to the mountain so we could get to Conley Hole which was a sweat box.  It was a bit of a Gut check carrying all the gear plus the 375 ft of rope needed for the drop but we made it to the entrance of Conley Hole. My clothes were drenched from sweating my ass off on the way up the mountain, I almost felt like my body is allergic to water.  It was ridiculous.
Entrance to Conley Hole.
 We rigged two ropes so we could get in and out to save time for Mystery Falls which worked out pretty well. Everyone descended down to the large dome room and we all walked around in shock at the site of how large this dome room was. It reminded me of the rooms in Puerto Rico.
Conley Hole.

The Dome was massive and had some interesting flowstone features and hoodoo carved mud with rocks resting on top which is something I have never seen in a cave before.
Flowstone in Colney Hole
 There was also a huge flowstone feature that appeared to be a place to climb but we didn't have any time to try that out. Next time!
Hoodoo features at the bottom of Conley Hole
We all ascended out of Conley Hole so we could get to Mystery Falls at a good hour as this was going to be one hell of a cave to rig and drop.

Laura sangaila ascending Conley Hole.

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