August 06, 2013

Entrance to the Enchanted Forest
 It was a long drive from Chicago for us to Monticello Kentucky where we got a shady ass motel for the night to rest and prepare for our summer TAG trip.  Noboru Sakabe, Adam Haydock, and Laura Sangaila met up with Chris Parks at the roach motel to rest for a trip into Wolf River Cave and the attempt at our lofty goal of  TAG pits. The weekend was to include, a horizontal trip into Wolf River Cave, and vertical trips into Conley Hole, Mystery Falls, Green's Well, Moses Tomb, and South Pittsburg Pit. 
 We woke up early Thursday morning so we could get a head start into Wolf River Cave.  After getting lost by going the wrong way (CHRIS!), we made it to the property where Wolf River Cave is located.  We geared up and entered the cave large entrance.
Wolf River Cave Entrance

The Cave's passages reminded me of War Eagle Cave a bit with the large walking breakdown sections and a large stream running through it.  We got to the Towering Inferno room which was a mountain room that we had to scale in order to continue on to more cave passage. At the top of the Towering Inferno it must have been 70-75 degrees!!...It was fucking hot up there.  That's pretty warm for a Tennessee cave.  The reason why its so hot is because its a heat trap and the heat collects up there so it stays pretty freakin warm towards the top.

Wolf River Cave Towering Inferno
We scaled the Towering Inferno and thought we were on the right course but ended up finding ourselves going in circles in some side passage rooms that I refer to as the merry go round section.  We came back around to the Towering Inferno and found a crawl that took us up to the Tremendous Trunk.
Wolf River Cave, entrance to the Tremendous Trunk

The Tremendous Trunk is one of the two main sections in Wolf River Cave. The Tremendous Trunk has large connections to the Enchanted Forest, Milk and Butter room, Aborigine Avenue as well as some other side passage ways.  We spent the bulk of our time in this section of the cave.  The other section is called the Horrendous Highway which consists of waterfall rooms, Jaguar bones and foot prints. 
Originally we wanted to go down the Tremendous Trunk but decided on the horrendous side to save time but found out that we were on the Tremendous side of the cave. Yup, we got turned around a bit in this one!   We continued down the passage and found a side section to the cave that had Gypsum Flowers growing on the ceiling.  This was a interesting encounter to see as the crystal curls around on itself and creates this flower looking design.  They look like the finger nails of a witch and if I had discovered these crystals, that is what I would have named them, crazy bonnie the witch crystals or some shit like that.

Gypsum Flower Crystals

 We continued down the passage and encountered large rooms with mounds of breakdown to climb over in order to continue on to the Enchanted Forest and the Milk and Butter Room.
Wolf River Cave, Tremendous Trunk

The passages got bigger and the breakdown mounds took some time to scale but we were able to get to the Milk and Butter Room in decent time.

Milk and Butter room. Can you see the two hobbits in the picture? :)

The Milk and Butter room has a pit on one side and a series of waterfalls on the other side that contained small fossils and break down that appears to be pretty new. I am not sure why they call it the Milk and Butter room unless its because of all the mud that gets caked onto you but we continued on to take a short cut so we could get into the Enchanted Forest quicker to save time so we found a hole in the room and proceeded into the passage.
Wolf River Cave Tresure Chamber passage
We took a brief side passage that took us to the Treasure Chamber which had crystals laying around all over the place and a section where people have placed these crystals for display.
Wolf River Cave Treasure Chamber

Shortly after the Treasure Chamber we made our way over to our final destination, The Enchanted Forest of Wolf River Cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf River Cave Enchanted Forest
This section of the cave is beautiful!!!.  There are all kinds of formations in a walking/stooping passage that leads to a dig as well as the end of this cave system section.  It is beautiful to be walking past all the drapery, flowstone, and formations made of white gypsum as it felt like we were in a forest of sorts with crystals sparkling around us.

Wolf River Cave Enchanted Forest

We stayed in the enchanted forest for about an hour and decided to turn around knowing we had a long drive to Manchester TN.  We wanted to make sure we got there at a decent hour and get a good night sleep so we could wake up early for Conley Hole and Mystery Falls.
Wolf River Cave Enchanted Forest passage.

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