February 03, 2014

Crevice Pit Cave Indiana
I decided to go to Indiana at the last minute so I made it to Chris Parks house at the usual 1 am time on Friday night. After catching up we got to sleep so we could wake up for a day of pitting in south Indiana. We were going to go to Hells Hole but we decided to go check out Crevice Pit, Easy Pit, and Coon Cave. We made our way down to corydon and it was 60 degrees out down here!!! It felt like  freaking summer! We get to the property and talk to the landowners to make sure it is OK to visit their caves on the property. We park our car and search for crevice pit first. We found one pit and I had this feeling to look around a bit more to make sure there wasn't another one around. I'm glad I listened to my instincts as there was another larger crack in the ground and this one turned out to be crevice pit. We still rigged the other pit and found out it was only a 10 ft drop into a small crawl. We get back to crevice pit and drop down this short 35-40 ft drop.
Crevice Pit Cave Indiana

We get down to the bottom and there is dry flowstone drapery all around us. This was a pretty little pit for Indiana and I enjoyed this pit the most out of the three caves on this property. Kevin continued on into the squeeze side passage about while we started our ascent out of the pit.

Heidi Ascending out of Crevice Pit Cave Indiana

Next we went to easy pit. I was here over the summer time and this is a 70 ft drop into a small room the quickly ended. We had some mis orientations finding this cave but I was able to locate it after some searching.  Immediately we saw this large rock that was able to be moved by a twig so we pushed this out if the way so it wouldn't fall onto anyone.
easy pit Corydon Indiana

We continued to rig and descend down into this pit. Debris was falling and a rock hit Chris in the knee while he was descending. After taking a few pics we ascended back up and out of the cave. The last cave we went to on this property was coon cave.
Coon Cave Corydon Indiana

This turned out to be a small squeeze cave where I had to squeeze through a small canyon passage that got to tight to continue I backed up and Kevin and Chris checked out the lower level which went into a room with some roots. After we left this cave we made our way over to McIntosh pit where we about to find a passage that has not been talked about and is in my opinion one of the most decorated rooms in Indiana.
Kevin, Adam, Heidi, Chris, and Chris Parks in Easy Pit

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