February 03, 2014

Freeman Pit Bloomington Indiana
Sunday morning we woke up pretty late after sleeping in from the night before. We had some drinks and hung out till about 3 am. We grabbed some Chinese for lunch and headed on over to freeman pit to do some training drops. We make it over there and I head off into the woods to pursue a lead to find a small cave in the area near freeman pit called freeman cave. After ridge walking for a bit, I was able to find a sinkhole that had an entrance with icicles almost blocking entry into this cave. I was able to make my way inside and proceeded to follow the passage until I got to the end of the cave. I was able to find another side passage that was a tight squeeze but it appeared to keep going. I came back out and took note of where this cave was in relation to where freeman pit is located. Kevin, justin, and chris rigged three ropes so everyone had a chance to go up and down this pit multiple times. Phil came with Dorian and Devorah so they can get on rope and so Phil can practice for ncrc. I dropped the pit twice and took off as I wanted to get back to Chicago in good time. Thank you for rigging the rope and for getting everything set up like that. I appreciate it. 

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