January 23, 2015

Cueva Del Indio Petroglyphs, Puerto Rico
After Sorbetos, We got a hotel room and had some time to burn off for the rest of the day so we headed over to Cueva Del Indio in Arecibo to check out the ocean and the sea caves.  I have been here before and I have always enjoyed visiting as there is a place to swim with coral and fish that hide from the waves crashing over the basalt rock. There are some other large sea caves on the spurs ahead of Cueva Del Indio as well as Petroglyphs embedded in the rock inside Cueva Del Indio from the Taino Indians. 
Taino Indian Petroglyphs Cueva Del Indio Puerto Rico
We drove up to the location where we had to park and out of nowhere a mid size iguana ran into the street so I attempted to drive around the shocked iguana.. without success.  Thump thump....,is what I heard.... as I kept driving, creating an instant meal for the stray dogs and cats in the neighborhood.
Puerto Rico
We made it to the parking spot and walked over to the area where I could swim and view the reef near shore.  I swam out there but the mask that I brought with me was broken so it was not working to well for me to swim and hold this mask in place while trying to enjoy the reef.  I ended up swimming over to the sharp fluted basalt lava island and walked over to the other side to view the waves pouring over the sea weed growth on the walls.
Sea arch Puerto Rico
Afterwards we hiked up and around to the 7 apostle sea caves to watch the waves crash over and up onto the walls.

It was nice to take a break from the jungle and enjoy the sea, the waves, and play around with the ocean a bit before going into the cave.

 After getting tossed around a bit from the wave action on the shore, we entered the cave, down the ladder and into the cavern rooms where the Petroglyphs were. 
Taino Petroglyphs Cueva Del Indio Puerto Rico
 It was interesting to see these drawings and made me wonder what inspired the indians to create these designs.
Cueva Del Indio Puerto Rico
 boils of water from crashing current and wave action would rise and fall in a section of this cave as the sky lights illuminated the remaining portion of the cave and other petroglyphs in the area.
Cueva Del Indio Puerto Rico
It was yet another great visit and I am glad I was able to stop by, but it was back to the hotel for the following days prep to perdida.  
Taino Petroglyphs Cueva Del Indio Puerto Rico

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