January 22, 2015

Cueva Maplanche Puerto Rico
 We drove to the parking location and I followed the wash up into some thorny vine forest before the forest granted me access to visit maplanche.   This cave had a decent sized entrance but the hike down to the bottom of the cave was almost twice of what evaporada was.  The last section of the hike down to the base level was pretty steep and slippery. Once I got to the bottom there was not much more to the cave other than a guano pool at the bitter end and a side room that can be entered from another entrance and rapped into.  This was the section we were going to map.  I took a couple of pictures and made my way back up and out of the cave so I could get back to the car.
Cueva Maplanche Puerto Rico
Once I got back to the car,  I packed up and we got some food in town. Afterwards we drove to the toro negro forest where we were in the clouds and this is where she got really sick.  We stopped the car to chill and relax and ended up getting another hotel for the night so she could sleep it off.

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