February 25, 2015

Climbing Wildcat Canyon Starved Rock State Park

Finally the weather gave in and allowed winter to actually happen in Chicago instead of the crappy 40 degree than 20 degree bi-polar days that we have been having.  The ice had no idea what to do but after we had a series of frigid cold temps, the ice was good and the everyone and their mom flocked to starved rock state park to watch a few climbers setup top rope's (sometimes upto 4) on the falls.

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One of the First falls we went to was Ottawa which was still pretty broken up from the bottom up so we headed over to tonti falls.
Wildcat Canyon falls
Tonti falls was nice as it had a nice trickle of ice water sill setting up the route on the other side of the solid ice fall that was to be climbed by yours truly and the Chicago mountaineering club.  Great group of people and it was nice to get a chance to meet them finally to discuss their plans that they have for future summits.
Wildcat canyon starved rock state park

On another weekend we headed over to Wildcat Canyon which just had hurds of people!!!
Predrag getting ready to climb Wildcat Canyon falls

 There must have been at least 50 people watching us climb at one point which made us apart of the natural features that the tour guides pointed out as they took their flocks of people around the ice falls. I couldn't believe how many people were around and it almost dis enchanted the fun of ice climbing at starved rock but we got to meet another great group of people that climb all over the united states so it was a fun day of climbing and meeting new friends.

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