August 10, 2015

Top Of Green Eye 2
After lunch we headed over to Green Eye 2 which was open for Cave Capers and a nice little 65ft drop into a decent sized room for Indiana standards.
Green Eye 2, Indiana
I rigged a traverse line from a small tree tot he main drop and dropped the rest of the rope down to the bottom of the pit. After a few re configurations, a rope pad, and re directing the rope I bottomed the drop with out any issues. This time we had less people which ended up working out great for this trip and the rope issue we will soon encounter.
Green Eye 2 Indiana
The room was interesting and had a slope that went down into a slot that appeared to end with some garbage that was keyed into the rock.
Green Eye 2, Indiana
Everything went well on the way down but on the way up is where it got interesting.  I climbed up first and noticed that the rope was pretty heavily frayed.  I passed the suspicious piece of rope and grabbed on to it and it felt like it was really floppy.  It was soft to the touch and the rope would completely bend over on itself.  yikes!! the rope was busted and now we have a core shot to deal with for the rest of the group to pass. I isolated the core shot with a butterfly knot and tied another butterfly on top of it which made two butterfly's on one knot system.  The second butterfly could be used for emergency purposes but the issue was isolated and the group was able to pass the knot on ascent and get out of the cave with no incident.
Green Eye 2, Indiana

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