August 10, 2015

Amreen climbing her first vertical cave at the Hoosier National Forest Swallow Hole
Another wonderful year at Cave Capers and what a great turn out we had for all of the Chicago Cavers that came down to take part in the festivities!! We ended up getting down to Springville on Friday and had time to make it over to the Hoosier National Forest Swallow Hole pit cave system located on private property that was pre arranged through the staff with Cave Capers!!  You guys are all awesome! It was a quick weekend of caving and festivities which was a blast for all of us, unfortunately, it went by so quick that sometimes we don't get a chance to hangout with everyone.
Hoosier National Forest Swallow Hole- Amreen on her first vertical cave
We made our way over to the cave and I brought a newbie vertical caver with me to put her on rope for the first time and into her first cave.  She did really well in the tree and passed our requirements so she was able to join us on this first 42 drop into the cave. We had over 20 people filtering in and out of the cave so it got quite busy as the hours ticked down towards darkness.
Hoosier National Forest Swallow Hole
The stream loses into a 42 ft drop that has cave passage but was blocked by logs debris and water that stopped our group from continuing on into the passage.  We bounced this drop and met up with another group that came in to visit the cave so we all just ended up bouncing this cave together and we had a blast doing it.
Hoosier National Forest Swallow Hole

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