April 13, 2016

Saratoga Springs, utah

Not only does Salt Lake City have the amazing Wasatch Front, caves to the north and west, as well as 100s of canyons a few hours south, there are also a number of hot springs to visit at all times of the year! These springs pump out water from heated sources through the thinning of the crust right where the tectonic separation is occurring under the great salt lake and Antelope Island.  

Saratoga Springs, Utah

These springs have water boiling out with temperatures ranging from the 80s to well over a 100 degrees. Further out west you can find a number of spring including baker hot spring and the hot springs of fish lake natural preserve which I have written about before.
Fifth water hot springs, Utah
These springs near Salt Lake are easy to access and excellent places to unwind and get in touch with your body again.  One interesting place is Fifth water Hot Spring located on the Diamond fork near Provo.  To reach these springs, you have to hike around 2.5 miles one way to the pools of water but these are nice springs with a nice water fall flowing just over the horizon where the springs can be found.
fifth water hot springs, Utah
Inlet Park Hot Springs are found in Saratoga Springs, Utah just North of Utah Lake. It is 32 minutes from Salt Lake City. There is a nice parking lot and 1/4 mile trail that leads to the springs.
Saratoga Springs, Utah
The water is 109 degrees Fahrenheit at the source, but is mixed into cooler in three different pools.  This place was closer to Salt Lake and is pretty easy to access and drive right up to.

Homestead Crater, Utah
Another interesting place is the homestead crater.  I had the chance to help with some open water students there a few times while being able to dive the springs which I found to be really hot!  it was 96 degrees in the water and the depth was around 60ft to the Jell-O like bottom.
Homestead Crater, Utah
 The visibility was around 30-40 ft. which was nice to be able to see student and swim in clear warm water...I found it to almost be too hot for me to swim in. There are other spring just across the street and up the road a bit where seepage rises up with the mineral rich hot water and steams out into the cool winter air of Utah. I worked here part time for a few months assisting classes and gear repair which was good experience and a lot of fun. 

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