May 31, 2016

 Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah
 we agreed to make it out to Hogwarts canyon in north wash which is literally right off of 95, about 35 miles south of Hanksville in Utah.  This canyon is rated at a 3AII and it was really straightforward once we were at the head of the canyon drop.
Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah
 It was nice to be able to pull right up to the canyon trailhead at hog springs instead of having to drive through mud roads and long high clearance pathways to get the car stuck in and north wash is known to have some nice canyons right off the road making this visit perfect for any car.
Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah
 I was watching the rain clouds in the distance and all aspects of the canyon flashing were considered which came out to be that we had a lot of escapes and were safe from any kind of potential flash, yet the clouds and potential for rain was rather thin.
 Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah

The first drop was around 5oft into the canyon itself and was an easy rap and pull-down which immediately brought us to the second rap that dropped around 90ft through an arch to a sandy bottom.  This was rather interesting to see and unique to rap through an arch like this.

 Arch Rap. Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah
 Once we snapped a few photos, I coiled the rope and we made it to the semi keeper pothole which was bone dry and a good place to practice escaping potholes.
 Arch rap in Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah

I stemmed over the semi and Laura rapped down to the bottom and demonstrated a few ways to get out of the keep and hot to get out of potholes in general.  

 semi keeper pothole Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah
 Once we got done with that, we ran into a large group from AZ and they were practicing their rope technique while enjoying a nice canyon and allowed us to pass by them once they got to the bottom of the second to the last drop.
 Last Rap in Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah
 The last drop was around 80ft to the bottom of the canyon which was a nice last rap down into the bottom where the road was located and a trail leading to the pictograph which was inside a grotto before heading back to the car...  This canyon was really fast but worth a visit if you are in the area and want to get another canyon before heading back to the final destination.

 pictograph Panel, Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, Utah

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