November 07, 2016

first drop in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 Laura and I wanted to check out something a bit more localized and different so I did a little research and found a place called Hidden Canyon, which promised to be a few hours to run and a geology makeup of limestone.
Fossils in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 We have been running a lot of sandstone canyons and it was interesting to visit a Limestone canyon and being cavers, we enjoyed our pleasant Sunday afternoon in this limestone cave with no ceiling which has been named, Hidden Canyon.
Adam Haydock tossing rope in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas

the hike took about an hour to reach a location where we had to hike up the mountain.
Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 once we got to the top of the mountain, we could see where the drainage headed down into a canyon with polished limestone and a tight corridor.
 Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 It was nice to not have anyone here where we could enjoy the canyon and take our time a bit because we were literally still in the city of in las vegas.
Adam Haydock in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 The beta mentioned that there were three drops but when we went through the canyon, we noticed four rap stations.   All of the raps were 35ft. or less on a sloping descent which was not difficult to work our way down.

coming down the 2nd drop in in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 A couple of the drops had some interesting light stained walls with a flowstone like mold starting to form and other drops had some interesting fossils embedded into the rock which we were not able to  identify.
in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 I would rate this canyon as a 3AII for it straightforward descent and ease of navigation but the hike to and from the canyon can take a bit of time to get to. I can imagine this route being a boiling inferno in the summertime so I think a good time to check this one out is in the fall, winter, spring time.
 coming down the first drop in in Hidden Canyon, Las Vegas
 This was a great way to get out and get some exercise on a Sunday and seeing some interesting limestone features.

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