November 23, 2016

Francesco Sauro climbing out of PJ's Pit, Nevada

 After Visiting Dad's Hole we were deciding on where to go next as the diminishing sun started to set over the mountain range.
Ron Davis and Francesco Sauro at the entrance of PJ's Pit, Nevada
We decided at the last minute to drive up to PJ's Pit and bounce this 220ft. drop before it got to cold out and so we could head out to the springs on the following day. We also had an idea of driving out to the springs at night and taking a dip into he water but a 60 degree temp change from getting into the water than getting out would have been quite the chill. The decision was made to head out to PJ's Pit. 
Adam Haydock at the bottom of PJ's Pit, Nevada
As the sun started dropping over the range, the mountain shadow was catching up to us as we drove towards the range on a dirt road while taking a few scuffs from the trees brushing by us. eventually the sun set across the mountain as we crept into the desired parking spot for the short hike to the cave.
Francesco Sauro descending into PJ's Pit, Nevada
I grabbed my pack and gave the GPS over to Ron so I could attempt to catch the last bit of sunlight for the entrance before it got to dark. I estimated my position in relation to the gps and headed up the mountain and re oriented myself to the entrance of the cave.  Unfortunately, when we got to the cave the sun light was on its last bits of diffusion and twilight was upon us with decreasing temperatures.
Francesco Sauro descending into PJ's Pit, Nevada
We all made it to the drop so we rigged a rope to a tree and padded the lip and the following lip at around 20ft from the entrance. Francesco went down first and mentioned that the rope was rubbing in more points so he tied off a rebelay on a ledge and proceeded to go down to the bottom.
Interesting formation in PJ's Pit, Nevada
I came down next and noticed the rebelay on the ledge as well as the other potential rub points which we more rounded but on a semi static 10mm rope, the core shots can increase a bit but we both made it down with no incident and I started to set up some photos for the room.

Ron Davis and Francesco Sauro at the entrance of PJ's Pit, Nevada
The cave was interesting and reminded me a bit of a decent sized corkscrew drop with a formation room on the way down and some nice formations at the bottom room.  There were some large formations at the bottom that appeared to be around 4 to 6ft in height and some long skinny stalactites, some 10-15ft in length hanging from the ceiling.  Everyone else decided to stay at the top so Francesco and I headed back up and we left the cave with without incident.  We headed for Ely to stay at a hotel and relax before heading out to the hot springs the following day.  I wonder if there is a map of this cave as there appear to be some leads that could beg for a good look into.

Adam Haydock and Francesco Sauro at the bottom of PJ's Pit, Nevada

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