April 30, 2017

Doug Powell and Adam Haydock at the entrance of Uhalde Pit, Nevada PHOTO BY: Dan Straley
Heading down the desolate basins of Nevada was quite beautiful as we headed to Uhalde Pit. We set up a time to meet up with Doug Powell with the forest service so we could both check out this pit and get a chance to meet up.
Adam Haydock climbing out of Uhalde Pit, Nevada PHOTO BY: Doug Powell
We got to the drop and I thought the entrance of the pit was interesting, actually I thought the pit was interesting as it corkscrewed around box work and mammillary formations. The map explained that the pit was around 113ft in depth but the map appeared to be a bit off so Laura is going to create a new map for this cave.
Adam Haydock looks at Dan Straley coming down to the bottom of Uhalde Pit, Nevada PHOTO BY; Laura Sangaila
Unfortunately, my camera batteries were not included in my camera pack but thankfully Dan and Laura were snapping photos throughout our bounce in this pit.

Doug Powell and Adam Haydock descending into Uhalde Pit, Nevada PHOTO BY: Dan Straley
We are grateful that we had the opportunity to meet up with Doug to not only go caving together but to continue to work together with the Forest Service and continue to help preserve our beautiful cave systems of Nevada. It is really important to me to be able to contribute to a excellent cause and to help those who protect the beautiful land around us. We are looking forward to the opportunities where we can continue and contribute to the park service as well as go caving with some great people. We also want to continue to encourage people who are interested in caving to reach out to us directly or reach out to your local grotto so you can learn more about these fascinating cave systems.

To learn more about safe caving activities, caving in Nevada, or to learn how you can get involved and visit caves like these, please reach out to your local caving grotto, The Southern Nevada Grotto.  If you have any questions or you need help with reaching out to the right caving organization, please reach out to me directly.

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