October 03, 2020

caving in the southwest has proven to be fruitful and exciting the past couple years with the introduction of new caves like King Solomons cave and other re-discovered caves such as Lavender and others.  

One of the most difficult aspect of caving and researching caves ( even for seasoned cavers ) is the lack of organized information and information that is withheld among us. 

Even in todays time, caving groups, sub-groups, disgruntled cavers, people disguised as responsible cavers, and cavers having their own self interest, infiltrate the community and infect a synergetic relationship progression that continues to set us back. 

favoritism, nepotism, sensationalism, and even cases of weaponizing equality, a very passionate and personal topic that I support, becomes used as a means to deconstruct your information and access to it.  

I will continue to fight for your access to information and curiosity as I continue to ask you to be responsible and accountable for actions taken among the world underground. 

I am even asked or talked about behind my back about having this blog as a means to "showboat" my own self interest and exploit for my own personal gain. 

Although I find it amusing how my diary of a blog has such an effect on individuals of a linear mindset, I cant help but wonder if their old trip reports and articles were thought of in the same way in past times. I also wonder if they have truly looked from within and attempted to seek to understand before they are understood...among many other topics.

I am led to believe "no" on the grounds that photo documentation has some people all wound up that photos of caves are on the internet.

I am also led to believe that these people might not quite see what is good that comes out of this rather than allowing their RAS to run wild in their own focused linear way of thinking. 

Furthermore, cave locations are not disclosed on here and I have had people audit this and explain to me that they can not find caves by looking at my photos. 

In me, I don't mind the growing pains of evolution that others my cry out in the unsettling ambiguity of change. 

Not only are they reveling a bit about themselves with this triggered reaction, they are not quite in the loop. 

Exploration, discovery, curiosity, and support will continue, with or without you.  Organized access to information will be available to the explorers of the now and the future. 

We keep these caves quiet for a number of reasons but if you are interested in learning more about how to get into the world of caving, reach out to me or your local grotto directly. 


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