Group intends to RAPPEL! Memoirs of GRAND CANYONEERING

December 16, 2020

Looking down our route into the canyon, the descent is further than the horizontal distance to travel. 

The sun gives way to radiant heat

As the shadows provide free air conditioning at this time of year.

It’s quite cool out but our bodies produce enough warmth to continue.

Wear proper clothing and that will contain what warmth you produced. 
Although I am drinking less water in the usual attempt to cool down
I we all still need to find a seep, a pothole filled with protein rich organisms in water, or some other slime mold like water source.
This will allow for a more enjoyable experience

Also all the medical conditions that come with a lack of water, including the whole death thing doesn’t sound that exciting. 
Inching our way down a cliff, limestone appears to cleave at angles so the chance of finding a way down is possible.
It just doesn’t look obvious from
The closer we get to our break point the less daunting downclimbing appears. 
Working our way into a crow flies stones throw away in the Grand Canyon can be quite interesting. 
Once we stepped down into the canyon we shouted for joy as the twisting walls became thin and narrow.

Around each corner, we found incredible scenery
Sun lit fiery walls and a bunch of meandering twists deeper into the belly of a beast.
The breath of this dragon chills our bodies ever so slightly like a airborne poison drip over time
Eventually you are chilled even with a thin wetsuit 
It is at this point that your blood starts to boil as you shout over a large and beautiful free hanging rap into the canyon below
Taking my time down, I realize how incredible and amazing this geology looked in a stone time machine appears.
It is simply incredible bear witness to such beauty here.
There simply is not enough day light to capture the full value of what I am looking at. 
Even when I continue to slow down time and atune to the details 
The drainages that are influenced by water gravity and pressure give us a sneak peak into the past.
This rope elevator takes me down


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