April 04, 2012

Entering Buckner's Cave

We stayed the night at a hotel the night before and we made our way over to a NSS and Windy City Grotto Life members property Dick Blentz.  Dick has maintained this cave for a long time now and allows access to the cave for responsible cavers.  Buckner's cave is a good beginners cave with nice passages and mainly phreatic and Vadose passage with little formations but some interesting rooms and slot canyons to visit.

Buckner's Cave
A bunch of us enter the cave and start on our crawl through the back breaker and into a intersection corridor that has a lot of  T-sections and other directions people can take.

Buckner's Cave
We decided to go down the main trunk passage to a section of the cave where it was too tight to squeeze through.  There was a lot of graffiti in this cave from previous people in the past vandalizing and parting in this cave but continued efforts have helped clean this graffiti off. 

Phil Goldman in Buckner's Cave
After wards we headed back to where we started at the junction and went down a passage that continued to narrow and narrow until it was un passable.  Than we went down a passage that took us into a interesting slot canyon on our way to a 8ft waterfall passage.  We decided to turn around at this point and headed back out and left the cave.

After Buckner's Cave

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