April 11, 2012

Dynamite box, Piquette Mine
This is a mine located in southwest Wisconsin that was closed back in the 1960's due to flooding. Lead and Zinc was mined at this site but is now completely underwater and is on private property.

Entrance of Piquette Mine, Wisconsin
 The mine is over 100 years old and has a lot of interesting artifacts that were left in the mine including dynamite boxes and other materials. There is a interesting bacteria growth that has been thriving off of the metals that exist in this location. The Bacteria is in mats of a light orange/brown color and apparently it enjoys eating Lead for its diet.  Bacteria is

Piquette Mine
quite amazing and I have seen bacteria in so many extreme environments that are otherwise impossible for humans to live. This is a very interesting site only for certified cave divers and students. 

Piquette Mine
This is also the location I have been going to get my cave dive certifications complete with Tami Thompson from diversions scuba. The pictures I took did not come out as good as I wanted them to but they serve as a good reminder of my training and a great historical site for American history. 

Piquette Mine
I cant wait to come back and push into different sections of the mine. There are some fun shafts to go up and down in too!!!!!!!!

Bacteria growth in Piquette Mine

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