February 15, 2013

Adam Haydock Cueva Evaporada Puerto Rico

Cueva evaporada is on the other side of cueva del humo and is part of the rio camuy system. These two caves are at the upper section of the system which goes from the rio evaporada through cueva del humo and apparently we can exit cueva del humo into cueva angeles which connects to the tourist section of rio camuy and down into sistemo bocaza del infiernillo where ponor 1,2,3 exist which eventually emerges into the rio camuy river. We entered the cave which looked like the top part of the entrance had teeth fit for a monster and as we were walking into this beast of a cave the views were just spectacular from the inside out. One of the best views I have ever seen inside a cave EVER. We continued into this massive passage and came into a large room with two eyes at the ceiling the allowed light to shine in like a spot light down into the ground level. The formations looked ancient and the room echoed with the reverb of an opera house. We continued to climb up an ancient flowstone into a mountain room which appeared to end in breakdown.
Cueva Del Evaporada Jeff Kruse
We traversed back and up to the right to go to the second entrance which is a sink hole with vines and a large tree growing out of the sink. It reminded me of the movie santum but instead of finding a tank we found a micro rain forest inside this sinkhole.
Cueva Del Evaporada Adam Haydock
It was spectacular to find this location as we were able to climb out of it to view from the top and crawl through side passages to view fossils. I was drank all my water and started to drink pats water and realized I was getting light headed from the high humidity and temperature inside this cave, luckly we were close to the entrance so we traversed back and slowly took our time coming out of this amazing cave

Cueva Evaporada

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