February 12, 2013

Adam Haydock Cueva Sorbetos Puerto Rico
We drove through a small town in Arecibo to get to the location where we would parks our cars and walk to the cave. The neighborhood had a few murders happen a few days previous so we had to park the cars and get into the rain forest quick without causing too much calamity. We walked to the Tanama River and crossed the unusually clear water to get to the entrance of the cave. Attempts have been made to block the cave using concrete but efforts have been made to open the cave which is where the main entrance is. There is a small crawl once you enter but when you able to stand, we look up and at the bottom level of this muddy cave hangs hundreds of thousand white calcite soda straws varying from a few mill
imeters to over two feet in length!!

Soda Straws Cueva Sorbetos
The passage is very slippery and muddy but we were able to get down to the bottom and stare in awe at the shimmering calcite columns that were the size of Parthenon columns, and the chandelier rooms saturated with these white soda straws. I don’t think I have ever seen this many soda straws condensed into once cave like this ever and I am not sure of any other place on earth that has this kind of decoration.
Soda Straws almost 2 feet in length Cueva Sorbetos Adam Haydock
  We continued to walk down the passage into a breakdown room and into a large highway like coliseum passage with a stalactite 3 stories high.
Large Passage Cueva Sorbetos
We viewed a pit that lead to a sump and I was told that a dive was made into this sump but it did not render any favorable results. We continued to the end of the cave where a breakdown mountain has collapsed a room but built a stairway of break down to the top leaving another 100 ft to the ceiling. We traversed back and took a side passage route to more chandelier rooms full of helectite soda straws that extended up to 6 inches from the main formation which looked like nerve connections in some of these oddities. 
After four hours we exited the cave and washed off in the Tanama River. This cave far exceeded my expectations and left me pondering how these amazing systems exist in the underworld of our planet. We got back to the car and headed to a hotel to eat and sleep right away to get ready for the next day of caving within the twin giants, evaporada and humo.


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