February 02, 2013

Salts Cave, Indiana
Laura Sangaila, Phil Goldman, Noboru, and I got in the truck and headed down to South central Indiana to visit a beautiful cave system called Salts Cave.
Scalloped walls in Salts Cave, Indiana
This is a nice cave with all kinds of interesting features going from slot canyon passage to river passage with large rooms and other interesting features.
Salts Cave, Indiana
We entered the cave and checked out some side passages until we went to the left and found our selves at the top of a downclimb that we had to traverse down and around to get to the bottom.
Upper passage Salts Cave, Indiana
We worked our way down and found a talus slope to climb up which was slippery and muddy to get to the top.
Salts Cave, Indiana
Once we got to the top we followed some side passages until they ended and traversed back to the slot canyon passage down in the main river conduit.
Salts Cave, Indiana

We work our way through the slot canyon and crawl around in the cave water which I found an interesting side passage that took me back around into where we were sitting around.
Salts Cave, Indiana
The passage continued so we followed the large walking passage until it came to a sump that was not passable.
Laura helps me light up Salts Cave
The sump itself does not seem to be a divable passage
Salts Cave, Indiana

After we left this section we headed for the cold exit that awaited us which included a run across the field and a quick car change
Disco Bat in Salts Cave, Indiana
I highly recommend this cave for anyone who wants to enjoy some caving fun in a interesting and challenging cave.
Laura Sangaila, Phil Goldman, Noboru Sakabe, Adam Haydock, Salts Cave, Indiana

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