June 24, 2013

John J Audubon's Stearn starboard quarter

Getting back out to Thunder Bay in Alpena Michigan was something I wanted to do the day I left Alpena on my last shipwreck trip in 2012.  This year I re connected with Joe at Thunder Bar Scuba along with my dive buddy Mike Apke to venture out on the wild waters of Lake Huron.  The First day we got up and I called Joe to make sure we had good weather to get out on the lake as the weather seems to change every hour out there. We grabbed some local grub and met joe out in rockport where we loaded up the boat and got out to the first dive site, The John J Audubon. 
The waters were erie with the fog patches rolling in and out at times blocking the suns morning glory.  We got our gear went through our start drill and got in the water without too much trouble.  We were backing air and carrying 50/50 and 100% oxygen.  I had the additional camera with me so with the drysuit on 4 tanks and a camera going down to a depth of 155 ft, i knew this was going to get interesting rather quick and focus was the main priority.

John J Audubon masts are intact but broken hardware lay on the deck.

We down at depth and the first thing I noticed was this massive with a length of around 150 ft in excellent condition. She was hit by the Defiance in 1854 and they both sank a few miles apart.  The Audubon was carrying iron ore rails for the railroad so she was a valuable ship back in her day.  The artifacts of this wreck were spectacular to see. 

John J Audubon
We entered the lower deck and found ourselves at 155 ft but I wasn't able to get the right picture as my camera flash was not set up properly and our bottom time was running out so we ascended following our deco schedules and got to the surface at the right time ready for our next dive on the New Orleans.

John J Audubon

JOHN J AUDUBON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luO17xuYOtQ

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