June 25, 2013

Eb Allen over the bow.
The last dive of the trip we dove the Eb Allen.  This is one of the Preserves classic dives with a ship at around 100 ft to the dirt and buoyed!! The Eb Allen was going to New York and was hit on its portside and tore a large hole into the hull.  She sank and rests upright with its windless and rudder in tact as well as the frame and hull are pretty in tact. 

torn hole that brought the ship to its demise.
We made a 20 minute dive and as I got down to the wreck, I found that my lens was fogged out due to opening the camera out in the damp weather which pretty much destroyed my pictures. some of these pics are from mike apke but overall it was a nice last dive. 
lower deck of the EB Allen
I made my last deco ascent to the surface and shortly after I saw a lift bag and my buddy pop out of the water.  I guess he wasn't able to find the anchor line as the viz was only about 30 ft.  This was an amazing trip and I cant wait to come back to thunder bay for more deep shipwreck diving.  We also have some sinkholes to check out too!
in the lower deck.

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