June 03, 2013


 Our last day was all about relaxation and enjoying some feet recovery from the 50 + mile hike that left our feet blistered and swollen.  This hot spring is located in the middle of a plain 10 miles from a small town called Meadow.  We pulled up and I quickly walked up to this 30-40ft water filled pit and was amazed to see how clear the water was.  I was also shocked to feel how warm the water was too!!!  Wow.  What a great place to relax and decompress from the strenuous week of hard earned scenery we had.  I brought a mask just for this spring to see if I could find the resurgence.  I held my breath and went to the twilight bottom of this sink to find only small vents pumping out warmer water.  I am very curious if this resurgence actually would go if there was a dig but that would open up a whole new can of worms, interest, and liability.  There was a small stream that took the overflow into another small insurgence too small for someone to fit into.  I followed a trail to another hot spring that was a bit murkier and cooler than the other one but still quite interesting.  The prairie around us had hints of stagnant water, and mineral deposits coated around the surface and small mounds of mineral deposits randomly scattered around the springs. This place was well worth the visit and I am so glad I was able to make it here.

meadow hot spring-crystal clear water-temp 85-depth 30 ft
Afterwards we made it over to the Tabernacle Lava Tubes which was a pleasant surprise for the last location we attended. We drove up and found a large lava tube entrance that had sky light openings and a breakdown field where the tube use to continue before the ceiling fell though. 

Tabernacle Lava Tube Breakdown entrance
On the other side of the road was a continuation of this lave tube that had walking passage inside. nice!!
inside entrance Tabernacle Lava Tube
we grabbed our helmets and proceeded into the lava tube.  there was an easy climb down with walking passage that took us to a side passage with lava formed formations and some mineral deposits.  We also found basalt deposits that I found to be interesting as well as passage that seemed to keep going. 

Tabernacle lava tube passage

The Lava tubes are said to be between 10,000 to 25,000 years old.  I remember being in the Valley Of Fire New Mexico and the molten lava deposits were around that time period as well.

Red Scoria basalt Tabernacle Lava tube

I find it very interesting that there are hot springs with water at 85 degrees 1 mile away.  I wonder if the volcano or the geology underground is still active and also what if there is a hot spring inside a lava tube somewhere in this region?..super cool!!  I will have to do some more research and ponder this "what if", for the next return to Utah. 
Tabernacle Lava Tube Entrance

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